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Membership Notes

If you would like to become a member of LWMRS, we suggest that you come along and visit the club rooms on any Thursday evening.


There is always someone there between 7:30 and 10:00. Visitors are always welcome, so come along for a few evenings just to make sure. If you do decide to join, talk to any member and you will be directed to the Membership Secretary, or another Board member.


There are two levels of adult membership.

Full Membership :

A Full Member pays a monthly fee by standing order, currently £20, for which the member will receive a blipper key which opens the secondary lock plus, after a probationary period, a padlock key for the main security door. There is a refundable deposit for the padlock key. A full member is able to visit the club room at any time.


Associate Membership :

 An Associate Member pays an annual membership  fee by standing order, currently £20. This is due on January 1st each year. This os followed by an attendance fee, currently £7, for  every first visit per week. Subsequent visits during the same week will incur a reduced fee, £2. The Associate Member will receive a blipper key for the secondary door lock only. An Associate Member can only visit the club rooms if there is a Full Member present.


In addition, there is a Junior Membership opportunity.


Junior Membership:


The Society is able to accommodate Junior Members with certain conditions.

The Juniors can only attend on the usual Thursday meeting evening and a parent or nominated adult must be in attendance at all times. The Junior can choose which group to work with and all assistance will be given by the members.

Junior Members do not have to pay a subscription, but will be listed in the Membership Records.


All members will be asked to read the Society’s Data Protection Protocol and sign the Application Form as appropriate. By signing the Data Protection Element, members will receive, via e-mail, all notices pertaining to the Society’s activities plus a copy of the Society newsletter.


Being a registered charity, the Society would like members to sign a Gift Aid declaration. This document is included in the Membership Pack.


Membership Pack:

The Membership Pack contains;

Membership Application Form Adult

Standing Order Mandate 

Gift Aid Declaration

Data Protection Protocol


The clubhouse contains a library of railway related materials: books, magazines and periodicals, photographs and videos. The clubhouse contains a small workshop which is available to all members.


We have seven club layouts in various stages of construction in all the major gauges: N (Kineton, Toysleigh and Midway), OO (Duxbury and "Project 2"), P4 (Claredon) and O (Kimble) and these regularly appear on the exhibition circuit and in the modelling press. All the layouts would welcome new joiners.


We moved into spacious new club rooms just outside Leamington Spa in April 2006. This provides over 3,500 sq ft for layouts, discussion area, library and kitchen.  The club rooms have disabled access.

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