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During 2023 LWMRS members have built a new outdoor garden railway that accommodates Gauge 1 and G scale battery powered and live steam locomotives. We now have three 45mm running tracks (each approx. 90m in length). In the future, as time and equipment availability allows, substantial exchange sidings and steam-up areas will be added.

For further information e-mail

On Sunday 17th September (10 am to 4 pm), the Society, in association with our neighbours Knightcote Model Boat Club, are holding a joint “LIVE STEAM ON RAIL AND WATER” event. 

There is now the opportunity for you to be one of the first visitors to run live steam locos on our new 90 yard long 45mm outdoor track. If you would like to book a running slot for your loco(s), please send an email request to and we will send you more details and a booking form. With only three tracks we will be limited on the number of requests we can accommodate so, in terms of locos, it’s first come first served.  

If you don’t manage to bag a running slot, or don’t run live steam, you are still welcome to come along as a spectator and join in the fun. It would be extremely helpful if you drop us an email ( to let us know that you (and/or a car load of friends) will be attending.

We look forward to welcoming fellow enthusiasts to this exciting event.

The model boating lake is just yards from our track, so if you also have a steam powered model boat you are welcome to bring that with you. Just let us know what you are bringing and book it/them in with KMBC when you arrive. 

An overhead image of the new outdoor garden railway adjacent to our club rooms taken from a drone during March 2023.

Drone Image 2023-03-09.jpg
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