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Club Layouts

We have seven club layouts in various stages of construction in all the major gauges: N (Kineton, Toysleigh and Midway), OO (Duxbury and "Project 2"), P4 (Clarendon) and O (Kimble) and these regularly appear on the exhibition circuit and in the modelling press.  All the layouts would welcome new joiners.


Duxbury is loosely based on Aylesbury Station circa 1960. By doing this, we can cater for steam, abeit in BR guise, as well as diesels and electrics.

The variety of steam locomotives that can be run is quite large, being drawn from ex-GCR, LNER, LMS, GWR.


This is currently the largest scale (7mm to 1 ft) modelling group in the club. There are over a dozen members in the Group with a wide range of skill sets from novice to expert but with a common interest in producing a visually accurate and working, fine scale layout.


The finescale group’s previous layout, Walford Town, was EM gauge.  Several of the group were already P4 modellers, so we decided the new layout would be to P4 (4mm/ft) standards.


For many years, the N gauge group of LWMRS exhibited Meacham, an award winning, 24 feet long layout based on an imaginary location in the Midlands. The group are now building a new layout based upon a local prototype...

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