Privileges of membership

  • Associate membership entitles the society member to the use of the club's facilities at any reasonable times. However access is restricted to times when a full member is present to open up and lock up the clubhouse.
  • Associate membership entitles a member to speak and vote at meetings of the society.
  • Associate members will be provided with a 'fob' to release the inner door. This should be used on all visits to record that a visit was made.

Membership subscriptions and rates.

  • An Associate member must pay a membership subscription at the start of each calendar year.(Currently £20 as at 2013)
  • Additionally, an associate member must pay a visit fee on the occasion of each visit to the clubhouse. The payment is to be placed int he box previoided, and the visit logged in the associate members log book. (Currently £5 per visit, as at October 2013).

Details of members are retained by the society on a computer system, and limited contact details are displayed on the clubhouse noticeboard.

  • Email addresses are held by the membership secretary and may be used by the board to communicate with society members. Those members who wish to be communicated with by post rather than by email should inform the membershpi secretary.

For further details please contact the Membership Secretary. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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