Harlyn Pier is a 7mm finescale layout depicting a quayside terminus on the North coast of Cornwall near Padstow in about 1960.  Locos and stock are mostly correct for the Padstow Branch and the layout is presented with subtle seaside sounds to enhance the atmosphere.


This is the story of how 'Harlyn Pier' came into being...
'Harlyn Pier' is a 7mm fine scale '0' Gauge layout built to satisfy my desire to have my own layout at home and also a layout to (hopefully) take to exhibitions.
Some of you may remember a 7mm fine scale '0' Gauge layout called 'Harlyn Road' that has been around on the exhibition circuit for the last 12 years or so. Well, I am privileged to be one of the creators of that layout along with my good friends Bob Middleton and John Smith.

After 10 years of exhibiting it became clear that like all layouts, 'Harlyn Road' wasn't going to go on for ever. (It has since been passed on to a new owner in the wilds of Scotland!) Also, I was able to take advantage of early retirement so thoughts turned to my own personal "layout of a lifetime".
Now, when people think of "layouts of lifetimes (?)" we all imagine a model of a main line occupying an enormous space and (probably) costing a small (or indeed large) fortune! Being of more modest means and not having an enormous purpose built building at my disposal, my layout would have to be of more modest proportions. Actually, it needed to fit in the 11'-0" length of my railway room!

After some extended scribbling on scrap paper I realised that I could construct a shunting layout that I would be able to use at home and that, with the addition of an extra baseboard and a fiddle yard, could also make an entertaining exhibition layout.

Thus the idea of 'Harlyn Pier' was born. The name was obviously taken (with my mates' permission) from 'Harlyn Road' and the often joked about "harbour extension". Also, by modelling a harbour scene, this gave an excuse for a rather cramped track layout, the inspiration for which came from Lymington Pier, but transported to the North Cornwall coast (to link in with the 'Harlyn Road' idea). The track plan however bears no resemblance to Lymington Pier.

The North Cornwall location meant that the stock that I had constructed over the last 12 years for a branch line in the Padstow area would still be appropriate for my new layout.

On the following pages I will endeavour to describe the construction of the "layout of my lifetime" and hopefully inspire other space starved '0' Gauge modellers that you can achieve a satisfying layout in a reasonably small space. Also, I may whet the appetites of a few exhibition managers!

I also would like to say a big thank you to some people who have assisted with the creation of 'Harlyn Pier':

Firstly, my wife Christine, who happily agreed to an extension over our garage for my railway room and has allowed me the time and given encouragement throughout the building process. She is also my finest critic when I ask "do you think this looks right". Not only that, she also helps me carry the baseboards etc. up and down stairs when needed with very little complaint! Thanks Chris.

Secondly, I would like to thank my '0' Gauge mates; Rob, Bob, John and Peter C, who have all contributed to the creation of 'Harlyn Pier' in one way or another. They are also my "show crew" so the layout wouldn't go anywhere without their help. Thanks guys.
So, I hope you enjoy the website and thanks for taking an interest.

Peter Beckley

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